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Crash Repair Centre

Accidents do happen...

and regrettably, even to your cherished Aston Martin.

After many months of negotiation and a massive investment by Aston Workshop, we are pleased to announce the award of ‘Category A’ crash repairer status from Aston Martin.

This new ‘Category A’ status means that we are now approved by Aston Martin to carry out any level of repair on any Aston Martin model.

Most repairs can already be undertaken, with the remainder being available once the last few pieces of equipment have been installed.

If you should find yourself in the unfortunate position of requiring a first class crash repair or if you simply want to restore your cars appearance to its former glory, we will be only to pleased to help. In fact, for any level of repair to any Aston Martin, please contact our workshop manager for friendly advice.

Being insured comprehensively, you may choose to place the car at the premises that your insurance company nominates. This is not necessarily a good idea.

Many people do not realise that the choice of premises and firm that you entrust to recover, repair and return your crashed Aston Martin is in fact your choice. Particularly with respect to any Aston Martin, and for sure with respect your own, you will wish to ensure that the people to whom you give the work are capable, equipped and conversant with Aston Martins and will know how to return it to the state that you expect and as it was in its original pristine condition. It is also important to realise that a badly repaired car and this applies particularly Aston Martin, will suffer a major reduction in value. This clearly is something we would wish to avoid.

Dealing with the aftermath of any accident is traumatic enough, but to be unsure that your Aston Martin will be fully and properly repaired is a concern too many. Fortunately, as has already been said, you can determine where your crashed and damaged car shall be repaired and we have the skills, people, facilities and contacts

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